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  • 1. How much time do I need to dedicate to the program throughout the week? Will I be able to combine doing my thesis, college work and the team activities at the same time?
    5 to 10 hours a week is considerably a sufficient amount of time. Of course, everything is based upon your team role: the subsystems’ Leaders, for example, need to invest more time. The most important aspect is being communicative throughout the process, informing the rest of the members when you are unable to fulfill a given task on time and so on. In any case, insufficiency in communication and non observance of deadlines has a negative impact both on your personal subsystem and the advance of the general project. If anything combining team activities, as a whole, with your other interests is based solely upon your personal judgment. So generally speaking, it is possible since there are many members doing their Master’s degree alongside the project.
  • 2. Is participating in the team considered voluntary work?
    Yes, taking part in the Beyond Robotics Team is voluntary.
  • 3. How beneficial is it for me?
    The participation in Beyond Robotics is considered to be a chance in gaining experience and develop relevant qualities based on your area of expertise. It is important to note that methods used while manufacturing and designing the Rover, are used by colossal companies in the space industrial field like NASA and ESA. Moreover, a number of social capabilities being fundamental in seeking and maintaining your job get developed while making meaningful and valuable friendships and social interactions. Eventually if you don’t get to experience this life changing opportunity, you will be unable to realize how life altering it can prove to be. Finally, the people who take part and fully contribute to the team get a pertinent certificate.
  • 4. What is the difference between the On-Site and Remote version of the ERC?
    In the On-Site version of the competition, teams from all over the world are called to design, manufacture and compete with their own rovers, following the competition’s rules. The rovers have to complete a set of tasks and overcome challenges similar to one’s that actual space missions would face. In the Remote version of the competition, the teams will teleoperate and run their software on standardized equipment provided by the Organiser. This means every team will compete using the same hardware and will need to show their skills in software development, mission planning, risk management and other soft skills.
  • 5. Could I participate and be helpful while having zero experience with subsystems?
    The development of subsystems demands the combined knowledge of multiple fields and that’s why many of the members consisting the team are of different qualifications and backgrounds. However, the skills mentioned above are not enough on their own. The biggest aspect for a candidate member is the overall alacrity to get personally involved and benefit from the general experiences and knowledge. Thinking about it, skills like 3D designing or making a kinetic analysis could be taught but mindset could not.
  • 6. I do not live in Athens where the head offices are housed. Could I still be a part of the team?
    The entirety of the team involved consists of members located on different cities in Greece or Europe. In addition, the biggest proportion of the Beyond Robotics Project during this ongoing stage is done online. In conclusion, you could participate without further problems.
  • 7. How often are new members getting accepted by the team?
    The project team announces recruiting calls on its website and generally on social media. Thus, we suggest you following us on given social platform in order to not miss any new announcements or updates. In case you are interested and want to get immediately involved, you could sent in your application and the team will evaluate and further accept it based on the current needed fields.
  • 8. I am about to get my degree. Do I need to be a student in order to do so?
    No. Οur team recruits students, post graduates, doctoral students and even new professionals. With all of the above said, you could definitely take part in the project regardless of your status.
  • 9. What kind of obligations would I have to take on?
    Some of the primary responsibilities would be GDPR, secrecy clause, contribution fee.

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